Chromatic scale

Chromatic scale is a particular scale where , all the notes are always in semitone.

What is semitone?

If there is no note between two notes it will be a semitone and if there is one not between two notes it will be a tone. You can say, it is a relationship between two notes.


  1. C and D is a tone because in between that, there is a note that is C Sharp or D flat.

  2. E and F or B and C is a semitone because there is no note between them.

  3. F sharp and G is a semitone. F sharp and G sharp is a tone.

Example of a chromatic scale:

C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B C

There is lots of ways to write down a chromatic scale in stave notation

we are not discussing that thing in here.

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