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How you make your room like a Recording studio?

If you don't know how to record or what to do for recording, then please follow the instruction below, you can create a good quality home recording studio.

First important thing is your budget. Minimum you need Rs15000 to create your own recording studio in a small room.

  1. First you need a condenser mic and a sound card for input system.

  2. Now the second important thing is your computer with good Ram and hard disc.

  3. Software is also very important thing for recording so you can use various kind of software like audacity ,ableton or logic Pro. Audacity is a free software you can download from internet. Usually a free software is available with a good quality sound card.

  4. What you wanted to record? if you wanted to record WAV file like acoustic Piano, violin then you can use audacity easily but if you wanted to record MIDI file then you have to buy a midi keyboard or you have to use ableton or logic Pro. And this is very important to know how to use that software.

  5. Try to make your room sound proof as much as you can. Audacity link

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